Custom Work

It takes a long time for a tree to grow. It may take several generations for some species to reach maturity. It’s hard earned. If you’re reading this you’re likely aware of the myriad benefits living urban trees provide - from the practical to the existential. Alas, every tree must cease to grow. But the story doesn’t have to end there.

If you are interested in extending the story of a tree that you might need to remove, contact us for a consultation. We will send you a team of knowledgeable experts, and they will take you thru our process step by step, and help you explore the possibilities based on your unique tree and situation.

Should you be interested in commissioning a custom build from a local tree, let us know. We will be happy to match your product desire to a local urban tree that is looking for a new life.

We keep an inventory of interesting pieces of local urban wood for those interested in having custom work done.