Our Process

Urban trees grow up in unusual circumstances that make them too eclectically individual to be processed in the same way we process commercial lumber. They grow in unique directions to reach for sun, they are subject to pruning and shaping, their wildly varying surroundings and experiences leave record in their shape, their grain, their density. That which makes them too nonuniform to commoditize also makes them beautiful. This is in sharp contrast to mass-produced lumber, which is is a commodity valued for its consistency. It is grown uniformly, it is cut uniformly, it is cured uniformly, and any piece can be used interchangeably. All of our urban wood pieces encompass the life and growth of the tree from which they were born, and like trees, are one of a kind.

At These Trees, we only work with wood that comes from these local urban trees. Because each of these trees is unique, they require adaptive extraction, milling, drying, and crafting. All of our pieces are designed with reverential accord for what is most beautiful about each tree. Every piece is either custom or part of a limited series. Each piece tells a part of the story of the tree, and it is that individual story that drives every step in our process.

What makes These Trees unique is that we have developed proprietary adaptive methods to fell the tree, mill the tree, cure the tree, then design and build pieces based on - and featuring - the wonderful idiosyncrasies found therein. Direct, continuous collaboration between the experts - arborist and woodworker - is paramount from start to finish. That is what maintains our connection to each tree’s story - and that is the connection we want to share with you.